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I created the courses below to help those who know they can't do another fad diet, but aren't sure where to go next.

This is the best way to dip your toes into the waters of letting go of guilt around food and shame about your body.

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Meet your instructor

Courtney Vickery, MS, RD, LD

I am an anti-diet dietitian who specializes in an Intuitive Eating approach for those who are tired of doing toxic fad diets, have disordered eating habits or are in recovery from an eating disorder. I have also taught group fitness and yoga classes for over a decade. Read more here!

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Intuitive Eating 101 Overview

  • Have you heard of Intuitive Eating, but aren't quite sure what it is and how to start applying it to your life?

  • Do you find that you are trying diet after diet and gaining the same weight back over and over again?


  • Do you feel exhausted from years of dieting and overexercising?

  • Are you in eating disorder recovery and need a refresher or maybe a gentle introduction to Intuitive Eating?

This course can help you get started on your Intuitive Eating journey!

5 Tips to a Diet Free Holiday Overview

  • Do you *dread* going to an event where loved ones are going to talk about anyone's body negatively (including their own!)?

  • Do you feel like you cannot take one more person talking about their newest diet plan because you are working so hard on healing your relationship with food & your body?


  • Do you need help setting boundaries for these situations?

  • Are you in eating disorder recovery and need some help or reminders on how to prepare for an event where you may be triggered?

This course can help give you confidence and tools that you need!

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